Unknown2016's General Topic: Eye see you. FREE PANCAKES HERE! Call me now for an immediate shipment of me ;)



Wassup people. Welcome to my general topic. Feel free to tall about whatever you want, BESIDES


Doing so will only harm yourself.

Please make sure you stay on track, keep up at least 75% hopscotch related, and school appropriate. :wink:

  • Nice to meet you, Unknown
  • Hi friend!
  • You sound crazy, Unknown
  • Why you say ladddd

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My name is man. I am the fastest Barry Allen on earth.

Check out my life at




Hey @Unknown2016! BTW, the @everyone tag doesn't work :confused: lol


Is this you?


No, that is a phony. My account name is simply unknown. Long story short, we are two separate people and I came to Hopscotch way before I gave him the permission to use the account


I hear cricckkkketttss


Ayeee! Are you going to be on more?


On forums, but not going to code at all.


Oh, ok that's cool :)




Ouch! I was at school :cry:






Anyone have questions these days besides asking bout simply unknown?


It might be the time where... I come back to hopscotch for the last time


Nvrmind. This convo between myself is fun -_-


Ey, I'm becoming a leprechaun


Have fun.


Thank you

@Refugeecat123 please tell me why you believe that hand sign represents cursing


Now, Boi is when you put your hand out and point, then you say Boi. There is nothing wrong with this and is not a cuss word.



My entire friend group says so

My parents say so

So I'm going with the majority