Unknown Forum Glitch



I'm having trouble as whenever I click on someone's profile this is what happens

And @PopTart0219 profile is non stop there. And it's sort of in the way

Is this happening to anyone else or just me


Okay so sorry that happens to you you should tell @Liza maybe she could help you




@WinningMonkey just edited the spelling at the top. About the glitch, that's never happened before. You could try logging off, the back in, or restarting the iPad. It could be something on your end. Hope that helps!


I've restarted my iPad and it's back to normal
Not sure what's happened it was strange and very annoying. Thank for the great tips. If it happens again I'll try emailing Liza.


Can Someone please close this topic as the problem has been solved

@Anonymous @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016


Maybe it should stay open, just in case someone else has a similar problem and then they don't need to make a new topic about it. :D


Ok then


This happened to me multiple times. Just refresh the page and it should be fine


Photo bomb! XD


I believe that's a loading error! First, reload the page! If that doesn't work, either restart your WIFI or your WIFI router, and it should appear again! :smile: