Unknown Fame Collaboration Topic! {SPOILER ALERT} - Follows The Guidelines! - Accepting Writers In Main Topic! -

Hello! If you are a writer/editor, you are probably here to collaborate. There will be spoilers here, so if you don't want them, don't come here!
Currently I am still hiring on my main topic right here --> Main Topic

Sooo yeah! I will be developing our tag lists for editors and writers!

UFEL (Unknown Fame Editors List)


UFWL (Unknown Fame Writers List



What?? Can you explain that. It makes no sence

@LBGT.supporter I'm sorry. What do you want specified?

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Well I would love to be writer,but what am I writing? Where will I do it? How is it HS related?

@LBGT.supporter please go to the link that I just edited into my topic where you can learn about it!
Sorry for the confusion, this topic was made ahead of time so I'd be ready when everyone was hired.

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