UnicornRainbowx’s General Topic 🌈


Oh whoops, sorry…

Wait you want to go as friends? I’m guessing?


Umm… oh welll… that’s not what I had in mind…


Um… oki…
idk what he’d think tho


To Users Of Hopscotch,

Today at school I got dreamed prettiest girl in my year. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m really happy but as beauty doesn’t matter I don’t really care. :joy:


Pleeasassseeee! Just for that day and if he doesn’t like it so be it.




Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face::confetti_ball::crown: I am very pleased with myself. :joy:


Oki so i told him as friends but you could ask him on here I guess…


Yeah, that’s what I want. :slightly_smiling_face: Plus, I need to go in 5 minutes as my foods nearly ready!


Oki bye!
I gtg soon too


Okay. Can you ask him. Pleeeasseee! Bye. And hopefully when I get back it’s a date? :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus, here the Topic for the party



Ok byeee!

Also probably not a date date… shouldn’t date on Hopscotch I think.

I’ll try to get him on ASAP.


I’ll get him on later and you can ask him. If you’re on.


Btw UnicornRainbow, just saying, not sure it’s a good idea to have crushes online… besides, you never know who’s behind the screen. Unless you know them irl of course.


Calling. All. People. Of. This. GT
Do this now
Don’t flag plez


Hey! Can I collaborate with u? Well that’s if u are not busy. :slight_smile:


Yes. Of course, I will need to get to know you a bit better but yes. That would be great. @_sylvia_H.S


Welcome To The Forum! There are many places for new users to hang out, chat and questions answered by experienced users. :slightly_smiling_face: If you want I will put the link here.


People I Think Who Will Be Interested…



That sound fun, so why not?