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Can we talk please?


But ima be bouncing between here and another app plus I might have to randomly go and my bro isn’t available rn.


Okay. I want you to ask your brother if he would like to go to @Writer_Lillian Valentine Thing with me online


Oki, well you could just tag him on his (lounged) GT.




I will. Here it goes…


Oh hello


@GameCodingCrazy123 I need to ask you something. I would ask you on your GT but I can find it


Hi. How are you?


Good. My dad said me and my sister might do something fun tonight. How are you?


Good. Just about to ask @GameCodingCrazy123 something to do with your valentines thing. :flushed:


Cool. Lol my sister has crazy hair and she is wearing glasses that are 6x bigger then her face lol


Great. Gotta go do ART. Bye




Lol it’s been lounged.


Could I be in it?
It seems cool!
Could you tell him lol


This is not spam, but news…


Hi ThatEnglishMuffin’s Sis! Didn’t know you were bro and sis…although he talks about his sibs a lot


Hey. Does he? I didn’t realise he talked about me


Not at school. On the forum sometimes tho