UnicornRainbowx’s General Topic 🌈


ha, lol


wait, sometimes my mom gives me a pennie, lol


i usually do about two chores a day becuz im lazy


i do all my chores on the weekens, exept the dishes, i do those every day, lol


i unload the dishwasher and clean the entryway on a daily basis usually on Saturdays i clean my hamsters cages


i love this


talk less, smile moreeeeeeee


Okay then… I have this bobble head thingy in my room from Christmas and it is so annoying


ha, lol, the song i sent is from a musical, hamilton, im suprized u dont know it, its really poulpar


oh i have never heard of him before. Do u watch the show Alexa and Katie?


no, i dont, is it good??? i watch 95% anime and the rest is youtube sooooo…


its pretty good it’s about a girl who has ca.ncer and her bff
well her bff doesn’t have ca.ncer.


watch this pls, the musical is so freaking goof


yeah, i think i saw it on Netflx


Wow it is two hours long i dont think i can watch all of it rn


you can do aneything if you put your mined to ittttttttttt
its so freaking good, it will go bye in no time, u will be sad that it ended at the end


Im watching part of it rn it sounds good so far
Call me weird but i just had a freezie




Do u know what a freezie is??
It’s basicaly a popsicle


nope…am i sappost to, lol