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I’m great thanks. Well, not really but ya know


Not really? You okay?




I’m really ill at the moment


Tbh, it kind of looks like @tankt2016 old pfp


I think we have the same breed of cat. Tabby


I hope you get better. I got a runny nose and a nose bleed at the same time.


Ahhhhh they’re adorable please give them lots of petssss


Oh I am sorey to hear that. Hope you get better.


What’s that? I have never heard of it


Cute cat btw…


My cat’s a tabby tortoiseshell, I


Ahhh that stinks hope you feel better!


U don’t know what a nose bleed is? A nose bleed is when blood flows from one or both nostrils.


Thanks everyone your so kind


Eww! I have never had that before. Does it hurt?


Not really. I’ve had them loads of times. When I say loads, I mean LOOAAAAAADSSSS





I’ve only ever had two nosebleeds


image image

Cat Gifs!!