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I recommend that you delete this post as that’s personal info

You could get flagged for that i think


I have and sorry for showing that.


Bye. See you this time tomorrow on this topic? Thanks and byee


It’s fine, don’t worry about it


Byeeee! See u tomorrow! I might be busy on Thursday but yeah! Byeeeee!


Who are you saying bye too? I’m staying lol
It’s just how you replied to me


Oooof. I thought u was going


No, @Legendary_myth is leaving. For now


This is true. Once every month. I go to school on Saturday. Next week, I have to go.


Oh yea! That’s true.


Wait, you only go to school once every month?!


Nooooooo. I got to school everyday but one Saturday a month. I go to school. Normally, you have Saturday and Sunday off


Ohh… cool and have fun


I’m not going yet, u do know that?




Yeah, sure. Here is a cute pic of my cat

Aww :heart::heart::heart:




That is soooooo cute!


How are you? I have seen you in a while.


@FearlessPhoenix I see you on, I tag you