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Oh great.
Pi is the best number.
I don’t know any more because no one taught me :frowning:
Du du du du


Wait…Should we do a Minecraft themed Hopscotch project???

This is me!


3.141592653589 is all I know


So do I but I can’t play online because I don’t have Xbox live.


You slimed me! Yelp! I stuck behind Slime


Ooh yeah, we could code our skins!

Tho Minecraft in Hopscotch would be really hard


Wowww! So many people replying on this topic. So many people active! Woahhhhh! Okay, now I’m just strange, lol :joy:!,


Neither do I


More than me at least
and I even got it wrong


I should eat lunch brb also yes it’s 3pm here no i don’t care


Yeah, I love it when people are active! And on my GT! Double yessss


This is hilarious. :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I should eat dinner In a moment 7.20


It’s 7:20pm in UK. Wow! A big time difference!



That’s all I know.



That’s what I know


You live in the UK? Cool. What part? South. East?

I live in the USA.


South East London. How about you?


Same again.
Kinda sad


USA. London sounds cool. Is it like where everyone sips tea and are REALLY posh?