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I will. Let’s just trade projects though as I nearly got locked out my account last time


No remix account is the final vote!


You could get into a habit, and remixes clog the app too, like roleplays.
But you could always unpublish and delete the remixes later after a few days or so.


We are basically saying the same things lol :joy::joy::joy:



I could make a collab account for us to start the project on (so the remix watermark isn’t on the final project plus we won’t wind up arguing about who gets to publish the final version).


That is true. Once, I didn’t know how to code and I kept remixing. Then, I did it too much and it clogged my Hopscotch and it lagged a lot.


What is going on here?


Yep same.


Yep, same.


Not the same


We could collab on a Pi Day project! And make a pie maker or something!


Oh wait Pi Day is in 2 days drop that


Bro, everyone is literally copying each other……blebbbb. Oooooooof.


Oooofffffffffff triggered


Wait is it?
I had no idea.


Oooooooof. Too much ooooof. This is not code relate but does anyone play roblox.


Yep, March 14 — 3/14
In 2015 the date was 3/14/15 lol


No but I do Minecraft and so does tank.



We have the pocket edition tho