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So you have the account? I prefer you on ur other account though


Yes, I like doing a mix of art and code. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be on that acc permanently.


Nooooo! You are starting role play???

Role play is the WORST thing on Hopscotch as it’s meant for coding and a BIT of art!


What’s role play?


@_sylvia_H.S this is breaking the rules



Yeah! It was really good! Thanks!


You don’t even want to know…


Pretty sure I do… just so I can never do it by accident…


Okay, I’ll unpublished that and my other thing


It’s when with other users pretend to be a character and then you chat and get project clogged up. It’s really annoying


Bleah. That sounds bad. I have never even published a remix…


I’ve unpublished it now. Hopefully no-one has reported me.


I have for art and thanking people who where nice to me. I used to be a remixer and then I made a new account


Yeah. Should I make a Stylishpoopemji34 account for remix’s?


And to others

Which one do you like better?

  • Art
  • Code
  • Both

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I thought “roleplay” was a blocked word on the app.

Also Hopscotch originally was just meant for code, not art.

It’s where users pretend to be a character and basically, as their characters, they create a story.
They can be fun, but they clog up the app with chat projects cuz roleplayers remix a roleplay like 10 times every 5 minutes.
(I only do them on Animal Jam where they’re not clogging anything.)


No, other wise you could get into a habit. Leave it how it is and it’s not a bad thing to publish a few remixes here and there.



Make a remix account:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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Could we collaborate together please? If you have forgotten your password, then we can trade projects. :slight_smile: