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I’m listening…


Okay, I have seen how people are reposting and getting around the “No WBF scheme”.

Also, people are using link to the Hopscotch App that has a project with a link to a WBF in it.


Sadly, we’re aware… Unfortunately there’s only so much we can do.
What people haven’t considered is that the more they try to deceive, the THT may consider more restrictions… And I don’t want to see that. The current guidelines are pretty fair.
Thank you, though, for letting us know! If you see any users doing this again, please send us a link. :blush:


Of course. And thank you. I agree that it’s fair. I feel that if people break the guide they should be punished to be put back to like a new user. No trust levels. Nothing. They should regain the trust of all Hopscotchers. @Ana. @awesomeonion, @Rodrigo what do you think?


What are WBF’s…


/fillchestblock (coordinates for chest) (block)


They are?

Cuz I haven’t seen that. But I have seen projects with wbf links in them and I’ve reported them.

Trust levels have 0 link to how much one trusts a user. At least for me. I trust based on personality.


They are Whit.bourd Fox’s. it’s an online drawing website. People from Hopscotch bull.yed in there so they got banned


But you get more things your able to do which is almost rewarding them in a way. People with higher trust levels should set an example for new users. :slightly_smiling_face:


They’re these drawing websites (whiteboardfox) that allow users to draw — and also communicate outside the forum.

People got buIIied on there (plus they’re against the guidelines — communication outside forum) and impersonated so now they’re strictly banned.


True, but you really only get cool abilities when you’re a regular, and when people break the guidelines, they’re normally suspended I think, and when you’re suspended you lose regular, and I don’t think you can be demoted from member.

Yep, definitely.


I agree. They some times don’t get suspended and they carry on being trust level 2. Making there way to regular


@Stylishpoopemoji33 you still here?


Yup. Do people use WBF’s to text basically?




@tankt2016 they also get old reply’s with a link to them and change the numbers or write down the numbers below. Or even just tell people the numbers to write in


@Stylishpoopemoji33 yo, what’s up?


Not much. Trying to do school work and code.


So, @Popkea_H.S doesn’t have anything wrong with it. If you read it, I wanted to do a experiment to see if people liked it better if I coded more without them knowing. Also, I wanted to give the acc to my friend but she has a virus which won’t let projects publish. She left Hopscotch afterwards.


Hi! Did you like the logo I made you?