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Okay, will do that right after @Writer_Lillian Request, (it’s not going great but I can fix it) check the Drawing On Paper Compared To … 20 Topic and look at my latest from today. I spelt night wrong though but who cares right? It doesn’t really mattter as it wasn’t a request


It looks really good! I would like it but I am all out!


You cannot escape.
It’s here.


Please leave my GT @Hopscotcher. I don’t appreciate it. I was standing up for you and you being rude is not necessary or kind.


ok bananas
i’m a roo
so boo
to you


Okay, @Writer_Lillian

Here it is… it’s not amazing as I didn’t have much time but here you go.


@GameCodingCrazy123 Hiiiiiiii

I can’t believe your on! yyyaaayyy

Wait, last seen 2mins ago.? Noooo



Noice! I like how you did some irl, some on a drawing app or something!


Yeah, I did a bit on an app and then I printed it and did the rest.


Ooooof I luv it!!! @UnicornRainbow




Hi, how are you?


Good, you?


Hey @Writer_Lillian, I need help with a storyline. I heard you are the person to go to…



Can I talk to you about something? It’s important



Sure! What do you need?


Recently something has been concerning me on the HS App. I’m not sure if you can do anything or your just leader on the forum. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::confounded::no_mouth:


Unfortunately, we only moderate the forum… But, you can send your concerns about the app to support@gethopscotch.com!


Okay, thanks and I have another concern on the FORUM