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it wasent even my hamster it was my sister’s, and she dident even cry, i was the one balling my eyes out


Awwww… that is sad. One time I heard a mouse in my room (because 2 years ago my room looked like it got messed up by a tornado) so I went to sleep in the family room and then um the next night my dad put a mouse trap in my closet and we found a mouse and my dad…no more mouse


oh, that’s sad, one time i found a mosuse half dead, because my grandmass cat was LITTERLY playing with it, it was so sad, so i get took it and let it outside free, but my dad was afraid that i touched it bc i could get some deasese , but i dident, lol


It socks when brothers give you black toes


So I have a fairy garden and one time we put a bucket of water out there (for a swimming pool I guess we thought) and then the next morning we found a dr.own.ed mouse


ohhhhhh no, thats so sad : ( but the fairy’s love animals, why dident they save it!?


Lol my hammy did that too.

For a month.
Then she caught a uri.


Idk. They were just sitting around it like nothing was going on. Um…


ha, lol


Why did u put random letters


bc i need to put 20 characters or elce it wont let me reply, lol


Oh I know a trick to help
Put just letters between these < > with NO spaces


it wont work for me???


Do that. Then just put the other one next to it and the end.
Then it will become invisible. Just try it




cool, i dident know that


Yeah I think @tankt2016 told me that


ooh, well props to her then


I am sleeping in the family room tonight
and no I didn’t find another mouse


ha, lol