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Be back in a sec just need to… oh gosh.


girl, SCREEM at ur brother , or slap him in the back of the head, that what i would do tbh, also ur a girl so u cant get in too toooo much trouble for doing that, lol


He has been banned from Hopscotch for the rest of the night


LOL. I have a younger sister who always wants to play on my iPad for some reason


MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA VICTORY IS YOURS mwahahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahhahahhahaha


Here is what happened…

Bro (thatEnglishMuffin)_ WHERE IS MY COMPUTER?
Me. I don’t know
Bro. I know you have it
Me. I don’t
Bro. ( Kicks me)
Me. (Keeps typing on IPad on Forum)

That’s all about it really


HE KICKED U !? beat him up.


My hamster just felllll ooooffff


lmao, :joy: my hamster ran away… i can cleaning her cadge… and she was gon… to this day i dont know where she went…


GIRL DONT BE A PUSH OVER BEAT HIM UP dont let knowone kick u, not even your brother.


OMG poor little hammy. She/he could still be alive somewhere


I KNOW RIGHT!!! my dad says he hears her in the walls… but its been like 1 yr now, so idk where she is


i really hope she dident die in my house…bc then someone will half to clean it up, and the house will stink due to her decomposing in the walls…


Oh well… hamsters aren’t meant to live more then like 3 yrs or so.
What if one day you just saw her running across the floor
what is her name


yeah, i know, well auctally it depends on what kind of hamster u have, i had a dworf hamster so yeah i it only lives for 3 yrs


ooooffff my hamster keeps falllinng

like legit I’m just sitting by her cage


girl what is ur hamster even doing , lol


also, im kindof upset at my dad for what he did to my other hamster, or i should say what he dident do


She keeps falling of her climby thing,
I’m so descriptive


so like 2 yrs ago i went to vacation and my dad was left home to take care of the animals, also so i called him every knight, how are the hamsters doing!? how are the hamsters doing, EVERY SINGLE KNIGHT and he would always say, oh their fine, and when got home my room was so hot because ot was the summer time, and my hamster was d.e.a.d with no water once so ever.