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Yeah, I should. Here is his most recent. He is adding me soon. I begged him and he finally said yes lol.


ooohhh intersting, also, how old is your brother?


I can’t really say. But he is older then me. Sad times :sweat::joy:


I have a black toe because of him. :sweat::unamused::confounded:


oooh hes older than u , lol, also A BLACK TOE girl what did he do!?


Tripped over me. Clumsy boy I said. It’s healing slower then usual but I need to give it time


ooh, well i had a black toe once, i was walking barefoot on the road to get to my moms car to get something, and then my pinkie toe walked/slammed righ into it… it was purple, lol but was really freaking painfull, i think it was broken auctally


oh well , i mean my pinkie toe walked into the side of the road, lol


Ouch. Sounds bad. Mine is just that he tripped over me. Nothing much


ha, lol, i dident cry tho, witch im pretty proude about, the last time i cried over pain is when my freaking aunts dog attached my bare foot and i had to get some stiches


Oofff that sounds painful


Youch! Sounds awful :confused::expressionless:


yup, it was and my aint baimed it over their being to maney people WHAT THE HECK the bad part is it was infront of my friend to, so it was super inbaracing


also, by too maney people their was only 2 other people around -.-


Yikes. I never had to get stitches. Have u ever had a broken bone?


Here we go… My brother just started shouting at me by saying where is his computer.


Are u using his computer?


also, yes i have broken a bone, my ring finger on my left hand, witch sucked bc thats my righting hand, but it was pretty easy to adgust to my right had


No, I’m using my IPad.


Eeeeks. I have never had a broken bone but one time my friend fell of the top of the playground and walked away without a scratch.
One time on the merry go round I fell off and shouted a lot of bad words… lol