Unicode/fun symbols app!



Hey everyone! I want to share the app I use to get fun symbols like ¼¶♬:heart:♣︎■◉❁✩Ⓔ and so much more. It is called symbols, and it includes lots of letters, shapes, flowers, numbers like fractions, and Emojis. (The people have 3 different skin tones) You can save favorites so they are right at the top and can access it IN HOPSCOTCH if you add it to your keyboards. (Just click the globe/smiley face button!) I think the app might be paid, but it's truly worth it! You can find it by clicking here


I just copy and paste


There is an app that's not.


What do you mean @Explorer_?


There is an app that's free


I use fancey key instead. Heres a screenshot of my keybord