Unfeatured Collab



I’v been on hs for three years and ever goten featured. I wana make a colab for pepole with this problem so we can work together to hopefipuly get fetured.


1)whats your hs username
2)what are you good at on hs


Cant join sry


I wud but ive been featured. It was for a challenge and I didnt expect it.
Here’s the project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/6zlez8t


@Gobli09, you should join this.


U can still join!


/shrugs/ if i have the time…


Great idea! :smiley:


Well me hsremixer and mypi are in the coolcoders acc
Remember u joined it?


Good topic for people who want to code to try to get Featured! Sadly cannot join even though it does sound pretty cool for Hopscotchers.