Undo/ Redo Code in Hopscotch



So, for a while I've been wondering if there could be a set of code to make an undo rule? Not even for drawing, but maybe even for cloning? It would be so cool!!! Does anyone else think this? And has anyone found a way to make an undo function? I just thought it would be really cool!


That would be awesome! Sometimes I'm drawing something super good and then my wrist touches the edge of the screen and BOOM. It's screwed up.


Yes! Same! :sob: Like somehow capture the position with variables? I just thought it would be a cool concept.


Undo functions for things other than cloning or trails?
If so, yes.


Agreed... :grinning: (Taking up space)


It would be possible if variable-inside-of-a-string implementation was in text blocks or certain parts of a set position block (etc), but unfortunately, the app doesn't have those. :\


That would be so cool! Maybe in one of the future updates, :grinning:.


Yeah that a awesome idea but also IN THE CODE undo and redo because sometimes I make code in repeat forever then I acedently delete the repeat forever