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One of the things that bothers me a lot when editing a hopscotch project is that I have some text in the correct position, and that I accidently move it and it is such a pain moving it back! Also if you accidently delete some code, how do you get it back?!

What I really want is for an undo and redo function for the project editor in hopscotch. This will save up lots of time, and will make it so we do not have to redo everything if we accidently delete/move something.

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I agree. It is such a pain to accidentally delete a big chunk of code then try to remember how to recreate it. Or when you are experimenting with code but you like how you did it the first time better. I wish there was an undo and redo button too.


I agree. It would be useful


I have done it before. Such a pain! A redo and a undo would be awesome. It would help a lot of people. Great idea @ColeDJ.


I agree with your idea, I was making a huge, but then I accedently DELETED IT, I WAS SO MAD. Just saying that would be a great idea, If you want it, you should send an email to the hopscotch team, which I think the email is: help@gethopscotch.com.


Awhile ago I suggested this to hopscotch and they said:
"We are working on a few things that should make your life much easier:

-Copy/Paste for code (use it in the editor)
-Undo (use it in the editor)
-Clone (you can replicate a character and all their code - use it in the stage)

These features won't be included in the next release but they should be out within the next three months or so. Until then, get excited for making it easier to share the awesome stuff you're building in Hopscotch with your friends! Woohoo!
This was about 3 months ago, so hopefully in the next update they will add it :smiley:

Copy and paste code in Hopscotch

@BuildASnowman that's great to hear, thanks for sharing! They've added cloning for us already :smiley: We'll just have to be patient (:

What could the next update be?

We could get a reverse button!


It would also be better in drawing pads, I accidentally drew a black line across my drawing


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@BuildASnowman only one of those things has been added


YES!!!!! :sweat_smile:


Copy and paste code in Hopscotch