UndertaleTacoz and Rainboom coding!



Hey @UndertaleTacoz! Here's the topic! Got any ideas?


Lol no ideas yet :3
You have any?


Weeellll..... How about an iPad lock screen?


That'd be really cool!
Btw check out my hopscotch account I mentioned you


Btw I'm not allowed to like because of you being evil (JK it's fun!)


Oh Coolsies one sec


Oh. My. Goodness. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! SO AMAZING I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you! I just wanted people to know about my awesome coding partner:)


Omg. Omg. My fingers are ITCHING to like your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can after today:)


Yeah! But IDK about you but I just woke up in Aussie time so... Yeh lol!


Okay maybe we should make a game


Ok I just started on the lock screen maybe you can add some trail art?


Of course! Unfortunately my ipad is at school so I can't edit it right now... Post it in a little bit and I'll edit it when I get to school


Sure! Let's just chat until I'm told to get off my iPad lol!


Oohh!! You are liking all my posts and I am feeling rejected!! (JK!) lol


What should be on the lock screen? Just random patterns?


Well I guess a pic in the background maybe? I cannot do trail art so can you help with that part pls!


I can do cool backgrounds and trail art! I'm working on a project that involves trail art anyway!!


Great! So sry gtg Ive been told now so see ya soon!