Undertale pixel art poll


Since people seemed to like my first undertale pixel art, I'm going to make another (if this poll works). Can you help me out by voting for a character


How about frisk... Sorry I don't know any of these names.. Lol

  • Frisk
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Temmie
  • Undyne
  • Mettaton
  • Flowey



How did you make that poll look bettering? Please send screen shots..



Is that it here I will try



See for me it does not work!


You need a space between the dash and option.

  • hi
  • hello



I did it if you knew how happy I am!!

  • poll are awesome
  • poll are weird



Yes! Frisk is winning! :3


You should totally do temmie! plus its more easy

  • God
  • Bad
  • nice



Thank you so much! This is really helpful!
Sorry I'm responding late- I ran out of replies.


Undertale is fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do!


Once third place stops being a tie, I'll put out a poll with just the top three. Things are pretty close, so that should help.


Lol almost no one likes Sans or Undyne


What's undertale? What's "frisk/any characters listed there?"


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