Undertale in Hopscotch!



Hi guys! I've been using hopscotch for a while, and I had the idea to create Undertale in Hopscotch! Yes, I know, it will be hard. But that's why I'm asking you guys for help! We're gonna start with one project, then we're gonna keep remixing(/copying/whatever we call it since I can't remember) it. We're gonna start by making the neutral ending, no matter what you do, and once we're done, we might make the other routes. So, would you like to help?

Graphic designers:

Music/sound makers:



Thanks :slight_smile:

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Project: Undertale
Open?: yes
Progress: 0%


I would like to join but I don't play undertale.


Can I be a programmer or designer?


That would be cool! I like undertale but I don't play it xD


I wnat to be a programer


@skyarmygenral @rubywolf1

Even if you don't play the game, you can still join!


Would you like to be both? Or just one?


It would be cool to join but I'm busy with other stuff, sorry
Good luck tho!


Sure thing! I'll add you.


Oh. Thanks for your support anyway!


Can I help? :slight_smile:
Undertale is my fave game, my irl fren plays it and I love it! (But I haven't played it yet ;-; )


You sure can! Which job would you like?


a graphic designer:D
It will have some trail/text art in it right?


Yep! I'll add you right away!


I know someone is already the programmer but it says programmers so can I be a programmer.


Umm, I don't know. Both I guess
I'm better at programming if you just want to put me in one


Yep! We need as much help as we can get!

I'll add you to both :slight_smile:


I love Undertale and can make the music.


Sure thing! Thanks :slight_smile:


hey! thats pretty good!