Undertale in Hopscotch?! [Full]



It is my shift now right?


Yep! @CreativeCoder if you want could we change shifts, just wondering :sweat_smile:


I made the once opon a time thing! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtniciviw


But I failed at making a song...


Who's shift is next ?@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf right?


Ok, I'll add on now when I get on my Ipad -_-

Drawing on paper compared to

Also great job! :smiley:


Well, I'm almost done with making an Undertale battle (for practice!). Look how many values there are for just the battle! O_o


Question-What are we gonna name the neutral character?


O_O, I had similar hurdles this morning with making a turn based fighting game :pensive:, but it worked :wink:.


Frisk, since that's the default name. :wink:


DONE!!!! I worked so hard on it! :smiley:



@AHappyCoder, we published next to each other! :yum:

Also, they're both the same type of game! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mantid is awesome! :smiley:


And that is the game I was talking about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.



I think the hits are either randomized or inverted. I first got into the green and got 50, and the next time I went into the red and got 75...
There should be sound when you get dunked on, and the pieces could've been more like the real thing. The thing that kills you in the "get dunked on" scene goes too far outside the box on one side, but doesn't even go outside on the other. In the battle, the bullets go more farther on one side than on the other.
Description of how much damage it gives instead of just the health and some humor?
Character is somewhat unoriginal and music isn't very unique...
Only 2 different attacks...
Editor is a bit messy...
Battle continues even though you've killed the monster and they've faded away?


Pretty neat for a game you worked on only probably today.
Controls are super good. Instead of those hard-to-move-to-where-you-want controls with the controls somewhere other than the box, you have last touch.
You programmed every single part of a battle.
Nice attacks.
Love the change of dialogue when you have their health go underneath halfway.
Mercy! ;)
Not very laggy considering the code inside.
The monster's description!
Animation so monster isn't frozen!

Edit: Oh wait, you used that equation that works on one side and completely fails on the other, didn't you?


Yeah, I couldn't find out any other way :\


I forgot to add Dogsong... Oops >_<


True fact! The work was today only! :smiley:


Frisk is the true pacifist name. What about the neutral name? (the name you chose)


Bob. Idk XD