Undertale in Hopscotch?! [Full]




I'm thinking of making Undertale in Hopscotch! So take these polls:

Would Undertale be a good game in Hopscotch? (Without any bad elements like blood)

  • Yes

  • No


Would you be able to give most of your time to start a collab?

  • Yes

  • No


Thank you! :smile:

Should I code Undertale?

One more thing: if you said yes to the second poll, comment so I can preplan! :grin:


[Voted Yes]
I could join if this happens and have enough time to contribute.
But I don't want my account to explode because of that, you know.
Also don't want chatting remixes, with just chat about the game...
Also don't want the fandom to constantly be at my door...


I voted yes, but..
Things are getting way busier in my life (not gonna get into specifics) and I probably couldn't be a huge part of it. I could do a little bit, but if this were to happen, it would probably be a huge project.
Also, since things are getting busier, I might have to drop out at some point. I will do whatever you assign me to and finish it completely, but just know that I might not be able to stay through the whole thing.

So, basically, I guess that I really couldn't give a lot of my time to a collab, but I would still like to be a part of it!


I said yes to The second poll I would be able to contribute at least 1 hour a day to the collab.


Don't worry about that, it definitely won't happen. :wink:


hand and says yes.
This would be so fun! I have never played Undertale but I have heard of it!
I can contribute myself most likely to this everyday! If their is going to be a collab account, just email it to me! I know you have mine. XD


I ran out of likes again, here! :heart:

Also, I just got introduced to it. The bosses are crazy!


I could help maybe...


The question is: maybe?





Okay, seriously :yum:


You could call it in Paradox Inc. :wink:.


Yeah I can help. Do you know about the different routes, or...?


A few...

@AHappyCoder, have you played the game?

Meanwhile, I'll persuade my parents to get me the game when it's possible! :yum:


I voted yes on the second poll, but I don't like logging out of my account so would it be ok, if I just add on and remix :D It's ok if you say no, I haven't played Undertale, but I watched a gameplay of it, and read Wikipedia about it XD


No, I have just watched a video about it though :smiley:.


Me too, but I'm hoping to get the game soon to play it but for now, I'll just watch youtubers play it ;-;


This sounds like so much fun I love Undertale!! (I keep dying on Mettaton though I feel like a noob ^^; )

I'd be able to contribute a moderate amount with coding, but much much more with the aesthetic portion, keeping the design as true to the game as we can :wink:


Heads-up, the game might be very lackluster if you play a certain way, which is the way the game tries to make you avoid.
So when do we start on this?