*undertale coding club


So, first things first, I know there used to be one, but the leader, @LadyKaterek quit the forum and possibly HS itself.

So we need a new one!

I'll be taking members, but you need to answer some questions first.

  1. Who are you fighting when SAVE the World plays?
  2. In what area will you find Blook Acres?
  3. The game's creator, Toby Fox, is represented by which in-game character?

This club will involve things such as...
Pixel art!
Maybe even battles!
~And other things related to Undertale~

Comment if you want to join!


@UndertaleTacoz would've loved this ;-;

Sorry XD


This is a great idea! Sadly, I've never played Undertale and don't know much about it, sorry.


I will join cause i can and i like undertale
SAVE the world is Asriel
Blook Acres is in waterfall
Toby fox is annoying dog


Sweet, you're in! Events will probably start in August