Understanding HSB and RGB: The Guide



Sick of hearing about HSB and RGB but don't actually understand what they each stand for? Well, help is at hand! There are lots of topics where you have to read through every single comment, here is one that you can screenshot and refer back to! Here is the Hopscotch link for my HSB guide:


Hue, Saturation and Brightness

Hue: Hue is the colour. They range from 0 through to 360. They are also ordered through the rainbow.
Red: 0
Orange: 45
Yellow: 55
Green: 70
Blue: 165
Purple: 250
Pink: 300
Red: 335

Saturation: Saturation is how intense the colour is. 0 is white and 100 is strong colour. This is how colours become pastel.
1-40 is pastel colours.

Brightness: Brightness is, well, brightness... 0 is black and 100 is white. Brightness is also affected slightly by the saturation.


Red, Green and Blue

This ranges from 0 to 255. Pure red would be R:255 G:0 B:0, it's the same with green and blue. Here is a simple colour wheel for RGB:

Unlike HSB, RGB is hard to make up your own colours, I recommend this website:
I hope this helps!

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