UnderagedCoder's General Topic and Hopscotcher of the Month



The Ultimate List of Friends
If you didn't make the list comment and I'll add you to the list! I just need you to help me with some ideas and I want to learn some more about you! I will also do a few polls here and there!






Hopscotch Poll!

  • I'm only one the forum!
  • I just joined the forum!
  • I'm on both!


Votes are public.


Plz comment for a hopscotcher who should be granted Hopscotcher of the month and they will win a trophy
And while I say this @Rider asks why he isn't at the top of the list


Y'know @benny29 told me that you can just put < and > before and after a word to make it disappear like this

Hi @UnderagedCoder1
Copy this to find out


Well apparently nobody wants to be hopscotcher of the months except @Rider

Not who I would normally pick but OK


Thanks for adding me to your friend list. You´re a great friend too!


That tic tac toe competition is getting pretty lit though


Anybody want to nominate anybody for Hopscotcher of the year
You know you can nominate yourself!


What do you mean XD?


@Rider is sitting right next to me and is asking why he isn't at the top of the list

Hopscotcher of the Month

In no particular order


It isn't lit because I don't have any points yet.


Get some points and then it'll be lit


So do yo want to be Hopscotcher of the month


I don't


Took you off @Rider


Thanks :slight_smile:

This means a lot to me.


Since @Rider got hopscotcher of the month, I'll be in second place.
(Now I can be in first) (-: