Unblock It. Make on Hopscotch with my 2d collision code


This games on IOS as well as Android and PC.
I've figured out i can make a level of this game with the 2D collision code i made so all the blocks are solid and can't move through each other when they collide.
I'll make 1 level/puzzle and post a link here.
Anyone else who would like to remix and make more levels/puzzles can feel free to do so.
If your remix gets on featured i,m happy and not concerned about credit or likes.
The challenge of coding is what interests me.

Sadly the Hopscotch app can't handle all the code.:tired_face:
It's lagging badly :triumph::fearful::sob:
There's nothing wrong with the code, the app just can't handle it.
Tap a small shape to move it with the arrows.
Anyone who wants to try and remix and get the game running faster without lag is most welcome.


Looks like it's going to be great. Good luck.


in a day or 2. i'm working on it.


This looks super cool! I love how you are basing it off a real life game!
Just keep in mind to give the original coders of the game credit!
I can't wait to play it!


i've seen lots of this type of game so i don't know who to give credit to except the company in the video.


Oh, I misunderstood! Still, this looks amazing! Good luck!


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Yah! This is an awesome game! I'll be ready for it:laughing:!


Can't wait! :smiley: (Taking up space)


Wow I can't wait! (Filling space )