Ummmmm, IVE BEEN HACKED (Solved, my brother did it ;-;)


ok what

whoever did this, I just want to say, I ha.te you. Does anyone else have this?

Did anyone make a topic about this?



That is very unusual ...


It's already past August 9th


I saw you close a topic about hacking eariler


On augest 9th I dont remeber having that .-.


Oh no... O_o

Email the hopscotch team and reset your password, that's really odd. O_o


Well, maybe they meant to do that. I mean, the message said they are (word).

I don't want to say the word. I just don't. XD


No Im on my account xD

The only thing that happend was that draft showed up.

does someone hate me that much?


Ehh..... it felt good saying that.

If someone does that to me..... yea.

But its not being mean.... Because they hacked me.

anyways im email tht


Oh my gosh ;-; :0

That's super odd!
change your password, and email the hopscotch team :000



something so complex


how do I do that


Yeah that's very odd...

That reminds me I should probably start changing mine every few months...


more photos


Think of something that only someone who actually knows you would know, then add something very unusual that no one would guess, then numbers...?

I think people would have a hard time guessing that...




It's also not very nice to called someone an (word that means not very smart).



Im not calling them ■■■■. There really very smart. I have to give them that!

but yea.


Six years...

Remember to change your password every 5 years 11 months. XD


I know you aren't.

The message said, "We hack (i word) who play hopscotch".

That's basically calling people they hack not smart...

But they also called themselves that word too... XD


oh lol

I thought you replied to something else xD

But yea.