Ummmmm....Forum Glitch?


Was there a new forum update that caused this or something? Last time I checked, the forum wasn't around in '69...

Link to topic: Let me know if you have the same issue


Yup except I've got Jan 1970


Wow, I've got 1969 displayed as the date as well. Odd!


weird bug, it also happened once last year as well

(the link leads to an article on why it happens)


Oh, wow! I guess the date simply refuses to update for some reason. xD


Yeah, I have the same thing.


Wow this is really odd...
Maybe there are time travelers on the forum? ;D


I had the same, expect it was 1st January 1970 or something


It's 1970 for me. Here's an article on it :D


That's actually hilarious (it does that to me sometimes with 1970, but never 1969) but it isn't a big problem :D


@CreationsOfaNoob has posted a really good article about it, it explains the problem and why it is happening really well.


oh yeeeeeee it also said Dec '1969 when I saw it :00

[searches up what happened on Dec '1969, goes to 'On This Day: Historical Events in December 1969'] Me: oh it's nothing much


It says December 1969 too!!


Mine says march 25th


Of dis year
And why currency


how?? :00 I still see it as Dec '1969 XDD


Yeah, it happened to me on another topic a while ago.


Same for me; this bug is occurring in mobile mode as well.