Ummmm what? Ok.... What's this?


Ohh ok then!

Help please


@Liza halp plz!


That usually happened to me too! I think I would just press open until it worked.




@MrHotdog64 did u pay / subscribe if not try deleting hopscotch and redownload it !


im working on an image project right now xD


Ok then try to restart your iPad so press the off-screen for a long time.
If it still doesn't work try going to the updates maybe u missed an old update and it is affecting ur iPad/iPhone


Im kind of scared because I need to finish my last image project until I get money 4 the subscribtion... but idk, ill try that later!


Wait another idea if u don't wanna loose the project already publish it and then delete hopscotch download it again and login again your project will still be there right ? @MrHotdog64


umm..... ill try it after I finish this project. Again .-.


(^O^☆♪ ok !!


That happened to me....


Why is this in latest?


I replyed on accident