Ummmm... I'm back? My ip a-dress kinda got banned and I am at china!



ya, read above ^^^^

And I guess i owe a apology and and an explanation...

Nobody really cared about me anyway...


I might do the apology and and explanation later....


Wait what? Anyways, your back! *hugs*
I missed u ;-;


Huh? I don't get it.. Is this a mean joke?


I missed all of you. legit


If your IP address is blocked, is there a reason? If not, @Kiwicute2016 can unblock. (I think)


see! this is what i mean, nobody notices i was away for a looooong time

and it wasn't a mean joke


i don't even want to talk about it, im at china sooooo....

it isn't bolcked


Your back! I've been wondering where you've been!


lol me grammma tho i am rushing everything and i got a new macbook air lol


lol i can't beleve i am stilll regular


So, they blocked your ip ad.ress, but not your account? That's weird XD


Yay! You're back! :D

Welcome back! :D


No he's crazygoat


I'm glad you're back!



Ohh... Right! :D

Yay! You're @crazygoat!

Welcome back!


that's because i ddnt do it on this acc.

yo can probs guess what i did now

out of hand social experement spam thing....

ya, i was anonymousofficial lol i really dont want to talkabout is so dont mention is ttooooo much lol grammma so bad i should not rush


K it's ok, we forgive you :slight_smile:


Okay, grammar back to normal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Misa bouncing up and down with happiness! Should Misa make a collab topic? I am in Jar Jar Binks mode today XD