Umm What happened?


Hello, I usually don't come here but I just got the new update and what is this!?! Why is hopscotch now only good with the phone! This is mutiny! Well I guess for myself... The code looks so different! In my opinion, the old look was better. The only reason I went on is because Pokemon Go's server is down...


First reply! First like!


I know, there down :frowning:


I agree

Weres the computer version

Weres the android version

Chromebook version if android

We must.


Torture right? :sweat_smile:


Is that really needed? —_—


And I just got it and thats what happened xD


It just went up for me! Yay! Lol, the Pokemon gym is in a random Guy's apartment...


I love Pokemon Go! Just make sure you guys are on topic!


Sorry :smile:...

P.S How did you get a custom title?


A mod gave it to me randomly


Why did they have to change EVERYTHING?
No seriously. It looks better on a phone. Idk how it does it just does.
The ipad no.
At least let us have the option to go horizontal.


Pokemon Go is cool, the new editor is kinda hard to use