Umm..... Is there something wrong?


Look, it didn't tell me to update hopscotch, so I thought it updated itself. But look:

I wanted to click THT project but

What's happened?


You didn't subscribe to hopscotch :wink:

I think it added images, you go into those projects without subscription :D :0 maybe u just didn't update.


The update hasn't come out yet I don't think, so when it does, you will be able to view that project, if I'm correct.

I'm not sure tho.


The update came out like, 10 minutes ago :D


What, omg! Sry, I didn't know.


It's ok!

Imma update rn, then subscribe rn.



Oh, now it's updated! Yay!


@moderators please close this,



Wait, I'm not seeing the update:

And I see the two new featured projects, but I can't play them. Do I have to subscribe to be able to play?

How do I subscribe?


I viewed it and didn't have a sub yet.


My hopscotch is updated, but I didn't subscribe.
You can play the new projects, but you can't add photos. :slight_smile:


Yeah. I updated. I can see the project without the subscription. :D


:frowning: for me it's £6.00 a month! And £80.00 a year!


That's true!
Everyone will be able to view picture projects, but only subscribers will be able to add their own and remix picture projects!


You just didnt update same thing happened with me!


I hope people who don't subscribe can view projects!


As long as you update, you can view any projects :D


Yeah didnt subscribe and i can still view projects!


You can view any project with images, even if you are not a subscriber.

If you get this message:

Then please go to the app store and update the app. If you can't find the update, you might need to wait a few minutes for the app store to update in your region.


Ok! Anyway, I get a week for free because I'm a beta tester!