Um…my notice topic


Okay, this is our new notice topic!

This is Hopscotch-related, by me telling when I won't be on.


Remember to have your notices hopscotch related. I really do hope your cat gets better, but it's not hopscotch related XD


Welcome back to the forum! :D I hope your cat gets better! Maybe you could code a funny meme of your cats to keep this Hopscotch related? :D


Today's notice: We will not be on much from August 6 (this Saturday) to August 14/15 (next Monday or Tuesday), because we have a week-long beach trip. And then we have relatives coming at 10:00 Eastern Time today, and they leave tomorrow, so we have a busy August. Then more relatives are coming over for a week near the end of August, so a really busy August is what we have.


Today's notice: We have a week long beach trip, which starts tomorrow, Saturday. On our beach trip, I am really going to miss our cats, so it's just lucky that I have a handy giant cat gallery.
I'm telling when I won't be on, so that is how it is Hopscotch-related.


Have fun on your trip! :smile:
Sorry about what happened in the pool :frowning:

But is there a way you can make these notices aHS related?


I think tankt is telling us that they won't be on because of this. That's how it's related. :wink:


Yeah, I think that's implied in the last. But if you look, some of the notices are just stories of the day or what's going to happen. :wink:


What happened in the pool? Sorry if I am disturbing.


Do you know about the bump on my head, brother?


Oooohhhhh, that one! Kk

Sorry, but you are sounding a bit arrogant there. :frowning:


If you are arrogant, that means that you think you're the best.

I do not think that.

I was talking about it yesterday, and you were in the room and heard about it, so I was acting like it was obvious you would know.


I don't want to start a flame war.