Um, Imposter Hopscotcher?



So... I was on Hopscotch today, and there was this person called: "Real Snoopy (:art:), and she/he followed me and liked some of my projects. She "claims" that she is the real @Snoopy. @Snoopy, you have to look at this.
I'm not sure if it's a hate account, but its mean.


This could be the really snoopy and she or he changed there name becaus people were saying like my name is snoopy. Or snoopy$


But in her projects, it said: I am the real snoopy dont listen to the other one, she is fake"

Thats harsh! Also, at that time I obviously had to check snoopy's account, to see if there was a misunderstanding. She had just published a project, AFTER the "imposter" had published the imposter project.


Just wondering but when is the next riddle? And ya just the account and I think they are doing it for follows because the title of the project is "I'm the real one so follow me" and inside the project it was remixed by Valgo and the person said "Hi Valgo do you remember me I'm the real snoopy"


Hmmm @Snoopy can you come here!


I AM HERE! :joy: @Huggingfluffybear


Oh wait... I just saw the topic heading... What?!


SHE IS HERE! lol:joy::joy: hehe


There ARE a lot of Snoopy's, and 'Snoopy' is a popular character.


And I only see the one where he/she published the project about Valgo, I don't see anything else...


I know, she deleted her projects.

But she was clearly trying to copy you


I don't know if it was removed, but there were some other projects... :unamused:

Sorry, I couldn't get a screenshot


Yay great!!!!! So is this you or a fake!


I don't know... :smirk: Find some clues, LOLOLOLOLOL


Gather the clues, whoever figures it out gets a prize!


Can't, she/he deleted her projects .-.


He or she is a fake because you are nice they are meen and! Do you have a bro?


That's too bad... So do you remember what they said?


And what's the prize?!


Yes, two younger ones... Also, thanks!