does it look



Any Tips, comments, anything


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Sorry forgot to add the image :neutral_face:
Yeah ik sorry about that :grimacing:


It looks amazing! You're a good anime artist!


Welcome to the forum!
I think it looks great. :D

Make sure to keep topics hopscotch related, and I think you could definitely post this on this topic! :D


This looks super cool! Welcome to the forum! Next time you want to post a drawing of yours, try posting it on this topic: :wink:


Ok!! I'll post it there !?!?


You joined today? Welcome to the HS forum, @SweSwe !


Thank you .. And yeah joined today


Welcome to the forum! I just joined too. Your drawing looks great!


Once again, welcome to the forum! :P
I hope you will have a wonderful awesome time here. :D

Here is a amazing topic about the community guidelines!

Here is a wonderful topic about learning about the forum!


You might want to post this on the drawing topic :wink:.


It's very cute and looks amazing!
Howeve,I bet you'd get more feedback if you posted it in an already made topic.

This topic here would be a great topic to post your amazing art on!
( PS welcome to the forum! )