Um how do I post links!?!?!?!



Guys about the summer extrafanga or whatever, how do you post links to projects? @Gilbert189 @Kiwicute2016


Tap the box with the arrow going up, complete the multiplication problem, then hit copy! When your here hold down and paste it :D


Since I already answered your question on the summer contest topic, wanna recycle this topic?

Or ask a mod or leader to close?


Ya. @Gilbert189 could u close this. Topic?


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I don't know u could close it. I'm stumped


Chillaxin at spa have my mind cleared


@tankt2016 made a tutorial topic about this. :smiley:

I will tag you there!


Wait, I did? Did you make it? Hello, brother.

(That is the boy.)


@Gilbert189 @Gilbert189 @Gilbert189 @Gilbert189 @Gilbert189 could you close this topic?



This was closed by the request of the owner.