Um, hello there?/ DatKawaiiPillow's general topic!



Hello there. I'm DatKawaiiPillow. Um, I really just wanted to make some kind of random chat room. I'm new to the forum. I've set up my profile page, and, um, uh. Why did I want to post this?


Hey @DatKawaiiPillow! Unfortunately, all topics here must related to Hopscotch. After, this is the Hopscotch forums. Maybe change it to something else?


Oh. Okay. I guess the only way to learn is experience, right?


This could be your general topic! Welcome to the forum, just ask if you need any help!:grinning:


Hoi @DatKawaiiPillow!



Welcome! Tag me anytime you want help like "@KVJ"!

Lol you joined before I did :joy:


Hai der


Chat rooms are dangerous, this is a forum.


Hello !! welcome to the forum and I have made a tag for you !! Anytime you need help, just tag me as @Silverdolphin !!


Also , there is a coding competition going on !! Would you like to join??


Well, I guess people should know that I'm back on now. So, yay? ._.


Okay, I sort of wanted to do this poll, but I never got to. Well, might as well post it here!

-Night Owl
-Early Bird

(I don't think it worked... Meh, I'll try again later)




Hello there! ( Β΄ β–½ ` )οΎ‰


Greats. Don't know what to do.


Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/or Happy New year

I tried drawing your username heheheh


hey @TheDrawer

look at this beautiful thing you drew for me.


I cry when I see it. I don't even know how I had so much talent for making hideous things.


well, at least it's not as bad as that human puffball you drew for my birthday.

remember that? i hope you don't remember that...


I rember making it but I don't rember the exact drawing(it's just blurry in my mind), luckily.