Um can you guys like rate this for v1.5?


This is my MOST favorite project I made i hope you enjoy it and tell me ANYTHINg
You want for v1.5 here it is hope you like it
(your bird)


Umm 3.5? I rate with honesty...


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Yep I know its bad but my sister published when I wasn't done


Oh ok! Also try to fix the bug that @Intellection74 said :slight_smile:.


Ummm.... 8.999
The toys could have the code

when pressed
Set position to x x last touch y y last touch

To fix the bug
And so the bird reactions to the toys!
Maybe extra toys and a short tune! If all of that I think it could get on rising!


You should do this for the dragging the care items:
when (character) is pressed
set position X (last touch X) and Y (last touch Y)


Thanks(yep I notch it iced that it wasn't even done cause of my sister)


UGH its just NOT COOPERATING @Phase_Admin and @Stampys_fans can I p,ease have help?


This is what they mean...

If you need more help just ask! :wink:


I did but when I touch the :shower: after touching the :apple: it thinks im touching it!!!


This is really nice you know...


This game is awesome I give it 100/5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@Dancer101 , @Iluminaticonfirmed16 @Intellection74 @Stick88 @Stampys_fans @Phase_Admin here your bird v1.5 I did my best to fix the bug!




I like the bird, but there are some problems which is why I give it a 4.0:

  • I used the shower first, then tapped the apple. The shower went behind the apple and still moved to my finger. Then I used the circle, and the apple (with the shower behind it) went behind the circle.
  • The bird trail art is kind of slow.
  • The bird has no reaction to any of the care items.
  • There is no sound. I would use the bird tweet sound.

So, it's not the best.


XD did you look at v1.5 JUST FIXED here :


The code for care items is still a bit glitchy :wink:


I fixed the items :wink:, just copy the code!