Um... Can you guys check this animation out?



I was hoping you guys could check this out. I think that this is pretty original, and maybe you guys could possibly feature it? I think this is a good example of basic cloning, BG making, and some animation, while being artistic. Let me know what you guys think! (Also, I don’t know where feature suggestions are, so could you direct me towards there?)
(Also, tell me what section this should be in, if it’s not in the right place, thanks)


Woah! This is very impressive.
Btw, did you try using sine?


Woah! That is really cool!


Ehh, I only really use sine, tangent, & cosine for math classes right now. I’m still in 7th grade. (but I do 8th grade math) It’s a little confusing for me… But I know the basics…


when you’re in 5th grade and you use CoSine
I suggest you to try to make animations w/ sine, it will make them smoother.
I’m going to nominate this for featured


Aaaaa thank you! (You’re in 5th grade?!) Yeah, I’ll make sure to try out using some Sine in my next animations


No problem!
And yes, I am XD


Whaaa I’m in 6th grade and I’ve never even seen cosine in my life!


(Its high school math) (like 10th grade)
Coders are just kinda smart I guess


Google trigonometry

Might take a few results to get something you want

Any questions, ask mr. @Google, he knows things.


Woah that is sooooo good @StarSwan


so like two years ago you were in the third grade

dude ur young :+1:t2:


sorry :0
it’s bad, i guess


no that’s not bad

and your are REALLY smart for your age


Yall im in 8th and only uesterday did anyone eaven mention tangent


Thats 11th grade math, but 10th for me!


You are in 5th grade, doing 10th grade math??.
I’m in sixth grade doing ninth grade math!


That is amazingly good! The character is really detailed and it moves smoothly! It totally deserves to get on Featured!


Me: i think I’m pretty smart haha

well… 7 years of school taught me nothing…


I guess that some stereotypes are true…