Ultimate writing competition!



Um, who are you talking too?


Panthera. I forgot that they made it through the first round XD


Round two due in 1 day, 3 hours, and 16 minutes!


Sorry but um…
I’m disqualified. I won’t have time to write it…


:frowning_woman:t2::frowning_woman:t2::frowning_woman:t2::frowning_woman:t2::frowning_woman:t2::frowning_woman:t2: you are an awesome writer though. I know you deny it, but I love your writing.


Sorry. I dont like history and can’t wrote historical fiction anyways.
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@sophia71205 Can I take @KayKat’s place? I have a story! I was assigned to do this writing competition as homework.


I can try to finish today…
Is that okay?


Does anyone have a good idea for a good last name?


Hey Sophia, I have a ton of school stuff going on today, plus dance. I’m not able to finish my story. I’m so sorry, I really wanted to take part.


I am looking for a good last name for Samuel and Anna.

Preferably long last names


Samuel centuirai?

Anna Hespere?


@Dude73 Anna is Samuel’s mother


How do you pronounce Hespere?


Um I don’t think that’s how a competition works. If you want to do it for homeowrk than do it, but since you weren’t in the first round, you probably won’t get counted for the second.


Swish! Clang! Zing! Crunch! Oops! That last one should not have happened. Now my katana is broken, and I have to wait until the blacksmiths forge a new one. My master glares at me cooly, then hands me a staff and bows. I bow back as I take up the staff in my hand, and we are off to training.

Many hours later, I am sore and bruised, but training is done for the day. My master bows, then turns and heads back to his own room in the monastery. I bow silently in his direction, then head to my own room. I pull off my helmet and light armor, setting it on my bed. I have to keep my skills sharp, in case we are attacked for the treasure we hold. I pull out my training dummy and start kicking it, when I hear voices coming from outside.

I pulled back on my protective clothing, grab the abandoned staff, and dash outside. I saw a group of masked warriors leap down from the open walls and start thrusting it here and there, hoping to catch them off guard and make a more serious hit. I spin around, then thrust the staff into the ground, jump on it, spin, and hit some of the ninjas in the face. They retreat for a moment before regrouping and coming straight at me. At the last moment, the break off and head towards Sensei’s quarters.

I try to shout a warning, but nothing comes out and I feel a warm thing pressed hard against my mouth. One of the attackers has clamped their hand there so I couldn’t scream out. I struggle, but can’t break the hold. All I can do is watch as they come out of Sensei’s quarters with the Scepter of Dagobert. Its full gleaming length, complete with hand and bird, is carried out of his room. I know how hard Sensei had to fight to win it from the man who stole it 30 years ago. I struggle more, and feel myself being dragged backwards on the stone.

“Is this it?” One of the ninjas holding it asks.

“Yes,” the one behind me says, “now we escape.”

“What of the boy?” Another asks.

“We k.ill him,” my captor says. Sensei hobbles out of his room, and I see he’s bleeding in many places.

“If that is taken, all our lives will be lost,” Sensei gambles. The ninjas scoff.

“Don’t think that I’m not going to take it now,” the one holding me says. I take him to be the leader.

“Then all this effort will have been for nothing,” Sensei said sadly. I struggle more, trying to free myself to ask a question before he looks at me.

“I’m sorry, but it must be this way,” he says. He whips out a dagger and cuts the vines that helped keep this monastery up. The ground lurches, and we all fall. The ninjas are surprised, but they can’t do anything. The whole monastery, Sensei, treasure, ninja, and I all plunge into the volcano that the monastery was built on. My last thought is, at least they can’t get the treasure, then I feel a scorching heat, then I know nothing more.


@Panthera Good job! Fun story!


I guess my 30 seconds of research paid off!


Hope I still qualify. Here is my story that probably is very bad…

“Samuel, wake up, wake up!” Samuel Calatrava rolled over in his bed. He was not quite conscious enough to understand the urgency in his mother’s voice. “It is still dark out, can’t I get some more rest?”, he said feebly. “They are here. Come, come quickly.” his mother said. Samuel pondered his mother’s words. “Who is here?” Samuel questioned, still getting past the realm of unconsciousness. “The Nazis! They are here-”. Samuel snapped awake. “Here? Now?” he interrupted. “Come,” said his mother, “Let us go set up the architect”. ‘Architect’ was a code Samuel and his mother made up for the hiding spot that Samuel and the rest of his family, including his father; set up for the Jews. Samuel’s dad was now in the war. Leaving only Samuel and his mom. Samuel bolted out of bed, heart racing; all he could think was ‘hurry, hurry, hurry.’. He ran down the short hall the connected the bedrooms to the dining room which was connected to the rest of the house. He bounded like a mad bull towards the door he slipped his coat on and bolted out the door. His mother right behind him

Outside, there was still an early morning chill. Samuel grabbed his flashlight and turned it on. His mother quickly grabbed the flashlight and the light the glowed from it was quickly extinguished. “We can’t risk being seen,” Samuel’s mother scolded. Samuel was now surrounded with a piercing darkness. He couldn’t see anything but the small lights from the shops and a faraway light that Samuel presumed to be a N.azi truck. Samuel’s mother ran. Pulling Samuel behind her.

In the distance was one of the small shops. The front of the shop seemed to be all windows. On a window was the words Calatrava Architect. Light poured from it radiantly, it looked so warm and comforting. Samuel got closer. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness so that he could see that there were at least fifty people crammed inside the shop. Samuel ran towards the shop with all of his might. Leaving his mother behind. He shoved the door open and tried to weave his way through the crowds of people. Which was near impossible considering how many people were crammed into the tiny store. There was so much commotion; babies crying, people talking, children running, and people eating. Samuel estimated that one hundred twenty-eight people were crammed into a 12 ft x 14 ft radius. ‘Hopefully, we made enough space in our hiding spot’ he thought.

He finally had made his way to the front desk. He opened the top drawer on his right; pulled the rope in the back of the drawer that opened the cash register; he grabbed and pulled the door of the cash register out, revealing a secret button. Samuel pulled on it while pulling down on the rope. While he was doing both of these tasks, he stomped on the tile that was hidden under the desk. With a loud creak, a trap door opened. The room grew silent. Samuel looked at the crowds of people. What should he say? What should he do? So many people, so many faces turning towards him. Everyone expecting HIM to tell them what to do to hide. A dizzy feeling started to surround him. Samuel passed into the realm of unconsciousness.

Anna Calatrava wondered why her son would take off like that. Was he afraid? Was he eager? She didn’t know. But she did know that there were some Nazis three blocks away. She ran towards Calatrava Architect. She saw Samuel open the trap door; She saw him collapse. Anna ran up to him. He looked pale; she felt his pulse. He was still breathing. “Samuel! Samuel! WAKE UP!!!” Distress was in her voice, she needed him. “Please Samuel, please.”. She looked up. “Everyone, please start climbing down through the trap door,” Anna said in a commanding voice. “Help the elderly and the children down first.”. She glanced over at Samuel; his eyes were now open. He looked totally healthy. ‘Good.’ she thought. ‘I have something I need to do’ “Samuel.” she said, “make sure everybody get down into hiding, I will try to buy some time. Go!”

Draw your own conclusion. What happens next?


Eh, @sophia71205 where did you go?