Ultimate writing competition!



Round 1 results:

Highest score

@Gobli09, well, I have never read warrior cats, but you have sparked an interest. I loved the major description by using a variety of verbs. As I read, I had the same anticipation as Dapplepaw. In the end, I honestly was laughing, not at you but at you choice of deputy. It was in the requirements, but I still found it a little short. You had the least grammatical errors in this round. I only counted once where you forgot a word, so the sentence made little sense at first.
Grammar, etc.: 19/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 30/30
Total: 99

The two eliminated

@Mr.rex, it was the most unique Minecraft story I have ever heard. You never knew what would happen next, and I really liked that. Maybe it wasn’t long enough, but it gave me some thoughts that have me in a playful mood rn. Everyone needs to be in the mood every once and a while. Like I said, it was a little too short. I found several punctuation errors, a spelling error, and a run together.
Grammar, etc.: 13/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 26/30
Total: 89

@NindroidGames, I have to say, you kept me thoroughly entertained. It does really remind me of you. I loved the pun and the Harry Potter reference. I wasn’t expecting the alien abduction part, but it added…flavor. Your descriptions were vivid. I could feel the pain in your arm. I could see you devouring food. I am imagining a skinny 13 year-old boy walking into the hospital about to have a highly dangerous operation. I noticed a lot of punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors. I also think it was a tiny bit too long. Here is your score:
Grammar, etc.: 10/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 28/30
Total: 88

Everyone else

@Dude73, I loved your story. I enjoyed the format, but you got me so caught up in the story, I forgot about the format. I felt like I was on that raft. I could feel the feelings the character was feeling. I like how you also thoroughly described the setting. I have also always enjoyed stories based off of short moments. In the part that said,

In that moment, I forgot about my feelings. I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t sore, I wasn’t hopeless. I was shown what happiness feels like.

I was grinning as I came to the same realizations. It was very helpful for you to explain stuff before starting. I did see a fragment, a run-on, a missed capital letter, and a few random commas. Your use of words kept my mind in the story. Here is your score:
Grammar, etc.: 12/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 30/30
Total: 92

@Panthera, I get your story. I get what you were going for, and I love it. The depression at the beginning had me…depressed. When Arctic walked up, I felt a change coming on. You may not have gone overly crazy on descriptive words, but in such a short amount of time, you made and changed vibes. I noticed some punctuation, sentence structure, and one usage errors, but everything else is great! Although it met the requirements, it could have been slightly longer, but I won’t take off points for that. Your score:
Grammar, etc.: 12/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 30/30
Total: 92

@hyperactive_fox, I know what you mean by the beginning. It’s like nothing can be perfect, but I tell you, your writing style is really close to perfection. Idk what I am wanting to say, but it is a very touching story. Let’s just say I love it! I noticed a capitalization error, a couple of incorrect verb forms, and a few sentence structure errors. It met the requirements, but I long for more.
Grammar, etc.: 10/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 30/30
Total: 90

@LavenderArts, I read the first paragraph and was blown away. I instantly got engulfed into the story. It had a certain vibe to it, but I’m not sure what it is. I…can’t express it in words. To be based off of yourself, the main character shows such qualities of something based off of imagination. It was close to 12 paragraphs, which is long, but you used it to resolve your plot. I did notice several comma errors.
Grammar, etc.: 15/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 26/30
Total: 91

@KayKat, you claimed it would be horrible, but it is such a lie. I can see you in the story. It feels like the theme of the story is brokenness; maybe it is just me. When you (I guess I can call the character that) screamed, I could feel the things described. Maybe the story didn’t take me out into nature, but it took me into your emotions. It made an impact on me. It is obvious that you are a big reader because of the combination of writing styles. I saw several punctuation errors, a fragment, and a run-on.
Grammar, etc.: 13/20
Content/plot: 50/50
Following guidelines: 30/30
Total: 93


Yep, I’m done. I’m about to go to bed as soon as a reorganize my drafts and post on Kay Kat’s GT. If anyone has any questions, they will be answered tomorrow. Good night!


Thanks for the criticism! I’m super excited for the next challenge. :D


Well i wrote it while I’m probably sleep deprived and in a constant state of worry that someone will find me awake… See ya next season.


I judged half asleep, so if anyone has any questions (Gobli probably will), I can double check myself.


Ahhh, I’m so sorry! I had something to do, and I couldn’t get it up XP


I didn’t get eliminated!!!
Urgh, I see what you mean by the errors, I was typing late at night. I should have rechecked it.


Hey, @sophia71205, I saw your judgement of my story and I think it was a good one. I have a question though, where did I leave out a comma or quotation marks? I couldn’t find that and I was hoping you could point it out.


Ahhh, I can’t say…


Something’s fishy
Haha because carp is a fish!


Oh, nah.
My dad will get a bit mad if I miss one, but he would never hurt me.


are you kidding me


OotC Confirmed!


I loved your story though. I was scared you were going to get eliminated.

The quotations:

The comma below isn’t necessary.

I support Oxford commas, so that would mean one after calm. If you made a book out of that story, I would read it.

Xw E lz xwy


Okay, I was about to say…


no I am not

Well, I’m surprised…


I practically judged off of grammar and length. Your length was fine, and you only had one grammatical error.


Okay then…


I’m pretty sure you weren’t intending to type wow, but you did.


Ohmygod, I didn’t get eliminated! I expected I would. Thanks so much for the constructive criticism!
I can tell grammar really matters lol
Yeah, sometimes I compromise the grammar to add to the tone of the story, but I guess I’ll have to change that XD