Ultimate writing competition!



Congratulations, everyone! :D


I did better than last time. That was my only goal. Good job me, and may in the future you succeed.


What do you mean by that?

I thought I’d be eliminated??


I mean this. Didn’t and nothing are both negatives.

Well, get prepared for the final round. Dun dun dun



LavenderArts will win that XD


esketit esketit lil pump oo


@hyperactive_fox look what i found



eh hem… Hello? My writing?


Wat the wat…
Why does it go there?


She wasn’t taking any more contestants.


@Gobli09 and @LavenderArts, prepare yourselves.
Theme: freestyle
Length: 5+
Due: preferably on or before the 22nd, but let me know if I need to change it
HS: make some sort of project (coded or drawn) relating to your story
Judged on: grammar (oh yeah), how well you form your plot and resolve it, creativity/originality, how well you take me into the story, your variety of words, the project on HS, and he much I like it. Yeah, I’m cracking down on judging.
Grammar: /20
Creativity/originality: /10
Project: /10
Word choices: /10
How I like it: /10
Getting me really into the story: /20
Plot: /20


Okay then…

So we can just write anything we want?


Yes, I’m going to let you surprise me.


Okey then.


I hope I can get in the next competition…


Are there going to be more of these? They are really enjoyable, and also, you should have a fan fiction contest!


ha i can judge the grammar im exPErt ill help you grade these prompts if u want


It’s okay, I’ve got it. People probably wish I didn’t know grammar.

Maybe. Idk. If there is, I won’t be the only judge


What were all of my grammar mistakes?


Missing and extra commas several times.

Run on

The H at the beginning should be capitalized

2 fragments