Ultimate writing competition!



Hello, writers! Welcome to the ultimate writing competition!

Here’s how it works: you write a short story or summary based on the criteria for the contest. You will have 2-7 days to complete it (based on the requirements). Once the first round has been judged, no one else can enter. 2-3 people will be eliminated each round. Anyone can enter; you might be surprised at how well you do. Edit your name into the list in the next post if you want to be in it. The requirements for the first round will be in the third post.

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Due: October 2nd or before
Length: 3-6 paragraphs; if you REALLY need to, you can go over
Type: any type of story you want, but fashion the main character after yourself
Judged on: MUGS (mechanics, usage, grammar, spelling), content of story, following the requirements, and extra points for bonus
Bonus: make a spiral draw using emojis that would describe your plot, main character, or lesson learned

nothing inappropriate


I think I can do this.

Is it allowed to go over the length of paragraphs it says you can put?


I would prefer not, but if you need to so that you can effectively resolve the conflict, then yes


@SweeTeaStuffz, the first one is out. @WynterDiamond, are you interested?


Oooh, okay… Ill brainstorm now ;3


Is there a specific theme or


No, you just have to fashion the main character after yourself. So, I guess it is fictitious.


What is the story supposed to be about?

Is it just any story?


Any story, as long as the main character is fashioned after you. Well, nothing inappropriate, of course.


Ok i will join


Can I enter? I love to write short stories. :DDD


Sounds fun! I think I’ll do it, if I have time


Of course! Anyone can!


I might enter, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough time… plus I’m not a good writer… but I’ll think about it


I know that’s not true.

Well, you will be trying to model it after yourself.

That’s okay. Just put your name in the list


Cool! I love to write, so I’ll give it a try. I might be able to do it, but I might not have time.


Does this have to be like professional?? Because im a terrible writer, I just like doing it for fun XP


Of course not.

That’s probably a lie though.

That’s what this is for.