Ultimate Tag List


Recently, a lot of people have been using tag lists to get people to their topic, and a lot of people have been tagged who really don't want to. So in the post below, I thought it would ge a good idea for people to edit their username into a list if they wanted to be tagged. If people use this list, nobody will be tagged if they don't


Ultimate List

Poll List


Dragon lover, we've decided that we aren't doing tag lists anymore.


People are still using them though.


Yes but they are being flagged for it :wink:


Ok, sorry I didn't know that. I haven't beem real acrive recently, I just saw a lot of notifications from tag lists when I came on todat.


There has been an official post by @BuildASnowman regarding this. Please make sure you search for a problem before you create another topic about it. There are thousands of duplicate topics, and we don't want any more.


They did say they had not been on in a while :wink:, and it's not really a duplicate.


Some aren't, and I got 10 notifications cuz @Huggingfluffybear was tagging me a lot (don't get mad just saying)