Ultimate Model Collab for @RubyWolf1 and @SabotageWarning (Music Help Needed!)



Hi! It's CP here or @CrystalPanda! This topic is for me and @RubyWolf1 for or ULTIMATE MODEL collab * dramatic gasps*. Please do not spam flag or say or post anything rude or off topic! Okay so I'm thinking about the model we do something that looks like you and me but in one. It sounds weird but trust me I have big plans. Please suggest on this topic for ideas for the ultimate model,mi would be happy to include them! Okay @RubyWolf1 I'll get started on the model!


Ok! How would we make an ultimate model? What about interactive things in it or something


Great idea! Hmmm maybe we should include some sin and cos in it! I'm not so good at that though...Maybe the model can blink whenever you tap the screen. Sort of like....My Interactive Model a virtual person you take care of!


I know this is only for you two, but I saw you mention sin and cos. Can I help you with that? It's okay if you don't want me to.


Of course you can! I guess we need all the help we can get!


Ok I'll get started! What's the link and what do you exactly need me to do with COSine?


Change of plan @RubyWolf1 can you start with the beginning of the game? Once you've published that I can do the model....@SabotageWarning could there be sin and cos for the tile screen and...maybe some features from the model.


Sure! I'm boss at doing COSine for titles!


This is going to be awesome! I'll do a title page thing! I'll do it now!


Should it say "My interactive model"?


And there could be interactive sounds and everything! This can go on featured!


Can I have the link to the project?


Thanks for helping @SabotageWarning!


Yep when I'm done with the title page


Okay maybe....I could make it like a little girl we should come up with a name for the girl! Any suggestions..and it could be like...My Little so and so.


What time zones are we in? Sooooo I'm in Australia @RubyWolf1 you are too? @SabotageWarning how about you? Not trying to be invasive just need to know so I know when we are working on it! We should sort of have shifts about when we need to work on certain things!


Eastern time right now. 11:38 pm 4 me


I'm Australian! I have an idea! But one question first, have you read dork diaries (book)?


Yes I have @RubyWolf1! Have you?


Yeah I love those books! What if we did "My little Nikki" just an idea