Ultimate Games Coded website under maintenance


site being redesigned at the moment.


how do use that website and there is no edit button there's just a pencil that does nothing I can't use that because nothing works


Only the person who made the website can edit it.


Just click a screen pic to play the project with a pc.
Members can place a pic and link to their games here on this FORUM TOPIC and I will place these on my website.

@t1_hopscotch please provide a screen pic and link to your 2048.
I will then upload these to my site.


Ok I put my reply here so as not to get off topic: Could I please have Laser Snake on your website? I think it would play well on a PC!


I'm not a regular, but you included me! no take backs! (also, if your name's Suzanne, then you seriously need to change the name of the webpage, for security reasons)


ok @AHappyCoder @justanerd just place a link and pic of your project here and I will place them on the website
@justanerd I am 10 steps ahead of you. also I will contact you on scratch to feature a scratch project from you.


This is really nice of you @Stradyvarious

I'm a bit surprised swipe works in the web player. But then I shouldn't be – the Hopscotch Team made it : )



cool! I'll try to log in then, try, (laggy wifi hates it when I log in to stuff)


I know how it is (optiplex 745):grimacing:


@t1_hopscotch I don't know how, but your 2048 works better on safari?


Awesome I just had a look :smiley:

Just one small thing I saw with the date at the bottom of the site : )


@JaszyKake your Sorting Hat on Scratch has now been added to my website


I don't know what to be added :joy:
Also, thank you very much for putting me on the list! I really appreciate it!!
I have two main accounts if you wanna check them out and choose a project:
AnyCanBeArt gamergirlofgamers


@Stradyvarious I didn't make the animi maker I just remixed it doesn't feel right having it on the website when I didn't make it....


Ok i'll remove it .i'll choose another project by you.


@Stradyvarious WAT ABOUT MA


Thanks :smiley: :wink:


looking across a lake by me? it is my most popular project.


Thanks! You know you can paste the embed into an embed thingy on weebly. Do they have one on Wix?