Ultimate Coding Studios!(CODING GROUP!)



GROUP NAME: Ultimate Coding Studios
Coding group anyone?:hushed:
I myself is not a very great coder, Im average but I want to start a coding group!
Please comment below if you want to join, this group will talk about ideas and stuff.
To join the group please write below your Hopscotch username and mention me with a @(Also type "I wanna join".

MEMBERS (For Sure)

@KVJ @Kitkat26 @Catface4 @DancingCrystal


@MobCraft @Sensei_Coder @Redo122 @tankt2016



People I want to join (Its okay if you dont want to) : @KVJ @hopscotch_king @Catface4 @treefrogstudios @BB-Box @Intellection74 If anyone of you join thanks! You guys were very helpful to me so


I'm not an advanced coder or anything but I'll join @UltimateCoder!


yay! @KVJ finally! I have a group member!


Can me (XD) join?


Been waiting to use this lol


hahahahhahahahhahahahahahaha lol thank u


sure @MobCraft do u wanna join?





@KVJ it would be helpful if u could share this link to others :]


Maybe use @PopTart0219's OMTL :wink:


whats an OMTL? @KVJ ?


Official Mass Tag List, contains lots of tags so you can draw attention to it. Make sure to look at the rules :wink:

It's in a topic by @PopTart0219


okay @KVJ Ill look at it


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Cuz body is invalid


wait @KVJ can u tag anyone on the list?


Yup! Just copy and paste the list :slight_smile:


ur in @MobCraft welcome!


Can I join? :D
(I'm in way too many collabs lol)


sure ur in! @Sensei_Coder